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BentobyKat Goes to Seoul Train

”Bento is a single-portion take-out or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. A traditional bento holds rice or noodles, fish or meat, with pickled and cooked vegetables, in a box.”

In order to fulfill our mission for the youth, The Ripple Society team formulated four programs that would cater to their needs. One of these programs seeks to help the youth to BE INFORMED. This aims to guide them in acquiring holistic knowledge that they will be needing in their daily lives.

With this goal in mind, last August 4, 2019, The Ripple Society invited young moms, children, and students to make meals more special as Ms. Kat Maderazo (BentobyKat) had a one-day free bento workshop at Seoul Train Korean BBQ Restaurant. Ms. Kat shared her creative ideas and tricks on how to prepare the best bento box that everyone will definitely love.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our bento workshop! We hope that you had fun as much as we did.

To help you remember that special day, here’s a quick recap of what happened at Bento by Kat goes to Seoul Train!

For bento tips and ideas, you may follow Ms. Kat Maderazo at

Lastly, stay tuned at for upcoming events because we have more exciting plans ahead!

As always, a simple act of caring creates an endless ripple.

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