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Pinky Cares X The Ripple Society

There are instances that senior citizens get abandoned, neglected, and unattached to their families. Sadly, some of them are being sent to elderly care facilities for certain reasons. Although these facilities are doing their best to take care of and provide for their residents, it is undeniable that the the lolos' and lolas' longing for home will always be there

The Ripple Society volunteered to help the senior citizens at the Haven for the Elderly in Tanay, Rizal. As an organization, it is one of our goals to encourage the youth to give back to the community and be responsible citizens of this country. This activity gave us the opportunity to do this by putting a smile on the faces of the elderly even for a short while. We saw and felt their yearning, that we realized the importance of spending time with the people around us.

The staff members of The Ripple Society, together with our volunteers from PULP, are truly grateful to have met these wonderful people. We will continue to pray for all these lolos and lolas.

We would especially like to thank Ms. Pinky Tobiano, founder of Pinky Cares Foundation for letting us be part of this initiative of helping the abandoned elders at the Haven for the Elderly in Tanay and Quezon City, which she has been doing for 30 years now.

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