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#TRSBeInformed: IGOT7 Pop Quiz Challenge

PH Ahgases! The Ripple Society tested your knowledge (on GOT7 and other fun facts!! 😉) at Keep Spinning in Manila over a week ago!

As a part of our Be Informed program which aims to educate and guide the youth in acquiring holistic knowledge that they will be needing in their daily lives. We prepared a POP QUIZ CHALLENGE. For this challenge we asked the fans 7 questions about GOT7, current events, trivia's about the Philippines, and anything under the sun.

Watch this video recap to see how your fellow baby birds did in our POP QUIZ CHALLENGE!

Oh, but before that, we would like to give our special thanks to the following sponsors for their help in spreading happiness to the fans 💚:

Yoree, SBS Inkigayo Sandwich, Zen Zest, & Fruit Soda Orange

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