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Who We Are

The Ripple Society is a youth-oriented non-profit organization that focuses on imparting knowledge of key life skills to the youth that will enable them to progress in the real world while encouraging positive attitudes among their demographic in the Philippines.

The organization aims to gather the youth to take part in events and programs that could bring positive change to society and empower them one day at a time. It was founded with the hope that a heart for caring will be instilled in them so that together, they can create endless ripples of joy and satisfaction for them and for other people.

To provide a world-class support system for the youth sector so they can become prepared

to deal with global essentials and challenges they face on a daily basis


To enable young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and

responsible citizens of the Philippines by providing and equipping them with the right opportunities and life skills


To influence and inspire the youth of today to be grateful for the blessings they receive every day

What We Do

The Ripple Society works to gather the youth from all over the Philippines

through special quarterly events and programs that would encourage growth,

knowledge, and happiness within the community.

“The greatest power of youth is that they can think beyond boundaries.”
― Sabuz Shahriar Khan

Our Mission

To spread good vibes and happiness until the ripple becomes bigger and stronger

Our Vision

That the happiness we impart can change, influence, and

impact other people’s lives

Our Goals

Our Programs


This program aims to guide the youth in acquiring holistic knowledge that they will be needing in their daily lives. Moreover, this aims to prepare them in dealing with real-life issues such as relationships and career decisions. 



This program aims to mold and develop an individual’s personal growth, success, and happiness in order for them to become the best version of themselves.


This program aims to educate the youth about the salient issues in the country and conduct disaster preparedness programs for the benefit and safety of all.


This program aims to promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle and at the same time raise awareness about the importance of mental health issues in this present time.

We need your support today!

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